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Happy New Year 2018!!!

2017 cookies??? It’s no on ;).

It's a New Year and time for this girl to review the past 365...things I have done in my business and personally...time to evaluate. In what areas do I want to grow? Learn? Challenge myself? Be stronger? Be softer? So. Many. Things. To. Do. The first obstacle I am overcoming and taking the plunge in is my blog. I transitioned the majority of my business from my Etsy store and FB to my website a little over 2 years ago when I had my daughter AKA SunshineBaby.

When I designed my website there was an area that boldly read "Create your own Blog!!!!!!!" How exciting (I mean scary)! I thought to myself that's the last thing I have time for and besides who the heck wants to read what I have to say? There are so many bloggers out there way more seasoned, eloquent, witty (not wordy like I tend to be) and interesting...why should I even go there? It's taken me this long to even have the courage to write (and also the Christmas gift of a new FAST, shiny and beautiful laptop from the Financial Director/Hubby :) that does not stick on each letter and moves at lightening speed! The time has come! This is one of my NY keep up with my blog in case someone out there finds my cookie decorating hopes and dreams interesting and informative.

Yesterday I happened upon a video of another cookie decorator who spoke of keeping up with the Jones' and it hit home. I have never been much for looking to see what others are doing and comparing myself but the days of FB, IG, YouTube are so prevalent we are all sharing info; it's a blessing and a curse. There are now SO many talented decorators ("Cookiers" as we are now called). 9 years ago when I started my cookie decorating business (I feel old!) we were cookie artists or bakers. It's so great to admire each other's work, educate decorators on new and different techniques and see different ways designs can be done. It's also a time sucker and personal comparisons aren’t healthy...this person made 4 different designs today, posted a tutorial, styled a party and didn’t even look a disaster?? How does this perfect storm happen?? I see these styled shoots and think "sheesh, I still have my NYE pics from LAST year not edited, and where the heck are they anyway? Laptop 1,2 or 3 desktop, iCloud, OneDrive? Forget about it! The post I saw was so spot on and made me feel great to not be alone and moving at my own pace. I do what I can (and it's beyond a lot!) and I'm not going to feel less about it. I feel so lucky to be busy enough with my supportive customers and family. Feeling the LOVE ❤️

I will do my best work, communicate effectively and in a timely fashion, continue my tradition of retaining my current and new customers (because customer service is a TOP priority to me), post pics and keep up with this blog! I will also try to manage my family life with my business as best as I can and not be cranky when a design doesn't turn out on the cookie like it was in my brain ;) I love my family, my work and my customers and promise to the BEST I can for everyone in 2018. I might not have my Fourth of July cookies posted yet....actually hang on I’m improvising here...close your eyes and picture these in red, white, blue and gold. Actually 4th of July declared DONE...scratch earlier comment.

(Valentine's Day cookies coming soon ...hopefully later today) but hey, my first blog post is done, I did both my hair AND makeup while juggling kids parties and arrived ON time (only 1 order today wshoo!). Wow, I'll say this is a fantastic start to 2018! XOXO Beth

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