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Summer is finally


Summertime to us means sun, water and a tasty treat.  It's the beach, a pool and sometimes a cool shower.  Sometimes it's a cookie and sometimes it's a popsicle (or if you are dreaming of a summer in NJ instead of CA it's the popsicle delivered on the beach by the fudgy wudgie man ;)  It's also a great time of year for a party.  So many themes for the summer but this summer it seems to be surfboards and seashells.  Bright, vibrant ones.


Sunshine + Clementine specializes in hand crafted and decorated specialty cookies. The ingredients in our cookies are of the highest quality and sourced from our tried and true favorite suppliers. Custom orders and designs are encouraged and appreciated!! Photo and logo cookies are available; send us your picture/logo and we can put it on a cookie! Your vision is our inspiration.   If you have any questions at all please ask; we are MORE than happy to help you design the perfect cookie for your corporate event, wedding, party or special occasion.

Beth Kirby
Cookie Designer, Chef and Owner

"I love cookies. I am obsessed with them. I dream about them. I talk about them with my friends, collegues, husband and people at the park. When I am in the kitchen I can escape to a place of concentrating on making something beautiful and delicious.

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