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  • How soon should I order?
    Now! :) SunshineBakes typically books about 4-6 weeks in advance. Sometimes there will be an opening last minute, sometimes we will be booked for your date 6 months. We recommend if you know what you want then great, let's get the order on the schedule. If you don't know exactly what you want but know you want cookies then we suggest you confirm a "placeholder order". A placeholder order is an order that is close to what you think you might be ordering in quantity and style but a number/definite design is not confirmed yet. That way your order is on the schedule and the time is blocked. You order/placeholder order will be confirmed and on our baking schedule when payment in full is procesed.
  • I want to order but I don't know what I want...what should I do?
    That's ok! Sometimes people come to us and know *exactly* what they want down to the last detail of the last bud of the flower on the cookie ;) Other people look to us for guidance and inspiration. What we recommend is you sending over the basic info to help get an order started. Your contact info, date of the party or event, your color scheme, thoughts on what you might want, quantity, info such as "my cookies are going to be the party favors" or I prefer mini cookies because they will be an addition to the dessert table treats. If you send over your invitation, and/or picture of a decor item you are using that would be great! Then we can see things such as the fonts you prefer and the overall feel and theme of your special event. We can brainstorm from there!
  • I want to order and I know exactly what I want.  What should I do?
    Send over your details and we can make an order for you and get you on the production schedule. Please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us some info. Helpful details include: 1. The date of the event 2. Date you would like for pickup/delivery 3. Quantity 4. What cookie designs and colors you would like 5. Packaging~either in heat sealed bags (best for platter style cookies or dessert table cookeis) or in bags tied with ribbon (this style is great if you are using the cookies as favors) 6. Your contact info We will get back to you promptly and let you know if your event date is availble and pricing.
  • I saw something I like on Pinterest or Instagram, can you copy the design?"
    Sorry, no. SunshineBakes is a firm belivier in creating original work. You can feel free to send over pictures for inspiration or to show the style of cookie that you are drawn towards but your cookie art will be unique and beautiful!
  • Do you make Character Cookies?
    Sorry, no. We do not make licensed character cookies. We can make somehting in the theme of the party and in the colors that you are using for your event. Thank you for understanding!
  • How do I pay?
    Your order will be booked and confirmed when the order is paid in full. The preferred method of payment is Venmo but we gladly accept PayPal, Credit Cards (through PP/Guest Checkout through PayPal) and in some occasions cash/check. We will send an invoice and the payment should be paid within 24 hours of the invoice being sent. We will consider the date held for you for that 24 hours. Some established clients prefer to pay at pickup with cash/check and and that's great too! Once we have worked with you and trust is established payment at pickup with cash/check works (and you awesome people who use Venmo/cash/check might just get an extra cookie or sample since you are saving me processing transaction fees ;)
  • When should I pickup?
    Pickup would be best as close to the event date as possible. Mini cookies do stay fresh for up to 10 days (kept in the heat sealed packaging) and the larger favor sized cookies at least 2 weeks but fresher is always better IMO :) Date of pickup will be confirmed at the time of booking and time can be confirmed the day or a couple days prior to pickup. Pickup locations are in Laguna Niguel and Rancho Santa Margarita (hubby can bring them to work with him to better service that location and save you some drive time :).
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes, but it's based upon availability~your location in Orange County and date needed. You can inquire at the time of booking and we can let you know. Delivery is scheduled on a case by case basis and for a delivery fee based upon location. Preferred method of receiving cookies is by pickup but delivery is a possibility.
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